download here the inscription form , fill it in and send it by mail or post to:  

ChamberMusic Atelier Delft

Statenlaan 97

2582 GG  Den Haag

The Netherlands

FEES 2023:

these fees don not include tickets for the Delft Chamber Music Festival - participants can decide how many concerts they visit  - participants can purchase reduction tickets- more information will follow soon)
participants oder than 30 yrs: € 340,-
participants 27 - 30 jaar: € 300,-
participants 21 - 26 jaar: 260,-

participants 13 - 20 jaar: 240,-

participants 6 - 12 jaar: €210,-

extra reduction on request: - for unemployed people 

- for families who participate with at least 3 members (send an e-mail)

For the case the course has to be cancelled due to the pandemic, the organization will restitute the whole fee if already payed


If you cancel your participation before 1st of June you have to pay an administration fee of 25,-. We will reimburse the participation fee minus the administration costs.  

If you cancel your participation after 1st of July we reimburse the participation fee for only 50% and if you cancel later than 15 July we reimburse 30% of the participation fee. 

If you manage to find a replacement for you or your ensemble we will reimburse the whole participation fee without any costs. The organisation can also help you with finding a replacement, but we cannot promise that we succeed. 


The fee has to be payed before 1st July to the following bankaccount:

Stichting Kamermuziek Ateliers Nederland

IBAN: NL39 INGB 0005 9945 97  BIC: INGBNL2A